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Electric Power Solutions, Inc.

          Specialists in power quality and lightning protection

Proven long term solutions to electrical and electronic problems that:

          Reduce electrical and electronic maintenance.
          Reduce equipment and personnel down time.
          Reduce operating costs.

          Increase production.
          Increase equipment life.
          Increase corporate profits.

Experienced in protecting:

          Chiller motors and controls.
          Air handler motors and controls.
          Chilled water pump motors and controls.
          Circulating water pump motors and controls.
          Roof top units.
          Cooling tower motors.
          Well pump and sprinkler pump motors systems and controls.
          Elevator motors and controls.
          Automatic transfer switches and controls.
          Standby generator controls.
          Security entry systems.
          Security video systems.
          Fire alarm systems.
          Interior lighting systems.
          Exterior lighting systems.
          Lift station motors and controls.
          Domestic water pumps and controls.
          Waste water treatment systems.
          Outdoor advertising signs.
          Telephone systems.
          Uninterruptible power supply systems.
          Variable frequency drives.

Providing ride-through power for momentary power interruptions for:

          Gas fired ovens.
          Thermoplastic extrusion controls.

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Homestead, Florida 33030-3028

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Contact John Starke at: JohnStarke@ElectricPowerSolutions.net

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